Toof (cereal_killer71) wrote in almost_fatal,

pimping and a welcome

Hi people! 2 things today.

 If you're a Dead Like Me fan and an icon maker, go joindlmlims, a Last Icon Maker Standing community. Round 3 signups are up.

Second- I'm now sharing this community with my buddy Andrea, phantomz_angel. She doesn't post much, but she's an awesome icon maker when she does decide to get her butt on photoshop. I just thought I'd leave a formal intro here.
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cool, I should probably get my butt on photoshop sometime... lol. Ja, I have some icons that I'll post when I have the time ;)
Yay! You should join dlmlims, signups are almost over and it will motivate you to get on photoshop. :)

Oh crap, I have to leave for school.